The foundation of a happy, healthy lifestyle.

                      Strong Milk

                      Food and beverages to build stronger bodies.

                      From the classroom to your commute. From birth to old age. Our foods and beverages give you the fuel you need to live life to its fullest, packed with essential nutrients and vitamins to keep you healthy.

                      Just three servings a day of low-fat or fat-free dairy is an easy, inexpensive way to nourish your body and live fresh, well-fueled and full of life.

                      From stronger bones to fuel for muscle growth

                      A natural source of calcium

                      Milk isn’t just for the schoolyard. Your bones reform through your entire life, making dairy’s bone-building calcium essential at every stage.

                      Packed with protein

                      With quality proteins to support a healthy body, foods like cottage cheese and milk make a nutritious, delicious snack or addition to a meal.

                      Full of other important nutrients

                      In addition to calcium and protein, and Vitamins A & D, an 8 oz. glass of milk has as much potassium as a small banana, and is chock full of B vitamins like B12, Riboflavin and Niacin.

                      Mother Nature’s logistics team

                      We’re proud to be the biggest direct-to-store distributor of dairy products in the US.

                      We purchase
                      of the US's milk
                      We donate
                      1 gallon
                      of milk every 13 seconds
                      cows produce our milk
                      We delivered
                      half-pints of fresh milk to schools in 2016

                      A healthy future

                      Beyond enriching lives, we believe Dean Foods can play an important role in enriching communities, good causes and the environment.

                      Environmental sustainability

                      We’re driven to do right by the environment by committing to large-scale sustainability efforts.

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                      Social responsibility

                      From dairy stewardship to employee safety, the goodness goes far beyond the products we sell.

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                      Corporate philanthropy

                      Through the Dean Foods Foundation, we take our responsibility to communities seriously.

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